What is Smart Protein?

It's so much more than protein. 

Think of it as a protein powder with functional boosts for an all in one scoop, specifically designed to support your goals and diet.

After you've logged workouts on your favorite device connected to Apple Health and Elo, look for your recommended protein scoop dosage to know exactly how much protein you need. 

Each scoop of Smart Protein aids in: 

  • Building repairing muscle 
    • Custom grass-fed whey or plant-based pea protein formulate for improved muscle recovery.
  • Replenishing energy
    • Personalized energy formula replenishes glycogen stores without spiking blood sugar.
  • Boosting hydration
    • Personalized electrolyte formula of magnesium and sodium to prevent dehydration.
  • Fills Nutrient Gaps
    • Vitamins, super greens, collagen, and mushrooms lay the foundation for better performance. 

Consuming high-quality protein after a workout has been shown to improve recovery and muscle protein synthesis. Smart Protein is backed by the latest science to help you recover faster and get the most out of every scoop. 

More specifically: Smart Protein is optimized to deliver the right amount of leucine and other amino acids after each workout. Research indicates that consuming 1-3 g of leucine after a workout is ideal for stimulating muscle protein synthesis and promoting recovery after exercise.

Protein dosing calculations are based on the duration and intensity of each workout. Longer, more intense exercise depletes more fuel, warranting a larger protein dose.

Still curious? What are all of the boost options?

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