What makes Smart Protein unique?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into how Elo's Smart Protein differs from other products on the market, and how this technology can impact your health, recovery, and performance goals.

Formulated specially for you.
Elo takes into account your goals, health history, dietary preferences and wearable data to determine the right protein ingredients and boosts specifically for you. In addition, we provide precise protein dosing recommendations after every workout so you're never left guessing about how much protein you need and when (more on that below).

Functional boosters.
Smart Protein formulas include functional boosters (like ashwagandha, turmeric, collagen, probiotics, electrolytes, BCAA, EAA, and supergreens) depending on your needs and goals. Smart Protein supports both workout recovery and your goals beyond athletic achievement.

Specific dosing to optimize recovery.
Elo syncs with your favorite wearable devices so we can provide specific dosing recommendations after every workout. Our dosing recommendations are carefully calibrated based on the latest science and the activity completed, to help you recover better and faster.

Third-party testing.
Unlike food, supplement regulation is largely in the hands of the manufacturer, and FDA approval is only required when the product contains a new ingredient. For this reason, our protein formulas undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure that what you see on the label is what you get.

We go to great lengths to ensure that all ingredients in Smart Protein are pure and effective.

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